"Two Guitars - The Classical Crossover Album"

The Commander-In-Chief & Craig Ogden

A unique collaboration between two of the world´s leading Guitar Virtuosos. 

With the first ever guitar versions of Sarasate´s "Zigeunerweisen" (The CIC was on Guitar World´s Top 10 viral videos of the year list in 2013 with her video)

and Saint Saen´s "Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso"

Also featuring their Paganini Caprice 24 guitar duel, on "The Guardian´s" Top 10 Metal meets Classical  & on Guitar World´s "Top 10 viral videos of the year in 2014!"

The Commander-In-Chief is thrilled to be back in the world of music again, after a year´s absence due to complications after a Parasite infection in her stomach. She also suffered a shoulder injury, while trying to push herself to play while being ill. She was not able to play guitar for half a year. She is extremely happy to report that her shoulder is back to normal and that she is able to play all the virtuoso pieces again, without any problems.

Lately she has been focusing her attention on the final stage of her Bel Canto Lessons, with the Coloratura Opera repertory, which comes narturally for her very extreme vocal range. 

She has also recorded an acoustic live album with original songs.

She was happy to be back as an expert judge and vocal coach on Norway´s leading Saturday night TV Show, "Battle of the Stars" in October 2017!!!

Appearing on Leading Friday

night LIVE TV show, Senkveld TV2, in Norway.

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