The Commander-In-Chief is also a visual artist who have studied drawing and painting techniques with art teachers in Italy, France and USA. 

Under the name B. Hagen she  wrote and illustrated her first children´s book, The Freezing Snowman,  in 2013. It was inspired by her two youngest siblings, who are also featured in the story. 

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A sweet little snowman wants to warm up, but how can he do so without melting away? Find out in The Freezing Snowman, the tender, magical children’s tale written and illustrated by renowned performing artist B. Hagen, known as "The Commander-In-Chief". While this loveable, beautiful book captivates children up to eight years old with its imaginative story, it also teaches them that anything is possible, even warming up a shivering snowman while making sure the heat does not turn him into slush. 

When children Eric and Nicole discover the freezing snowman alone in the garden, he is miserable and cold. Together, they try to think up ways to keep him warm without making him disappear. They create snow lanterns, and even build him an igloo. When he starts to melt, they must come up with a solution before it’s too late. Can the children save the freezing snowman and still keep him toasty?

With stirring emotion and intricate illustrations, this gentle fable demonstrates to young readers the power of persistence, and the rich rewards for helping those around them. The Freezing Snowman is sure to capture their imagination, while it melts their heart!