The Commander In Chief  was a vocal coach and expert judge on Norway's biggest Saturday night TV show, "Stjernekamp" or "Battle of the Stars" in 2015 and 2017! Great fun doing LIVE TV, with almost a million viewers!

On Norway's biggest Friday night TV show, "Senkveld"  or "Late Night" standing on the host's desk, playing guitar! Great fun!See it here Sen Kveld / Late Night video

Her 1st TV show appearance was on the biggest Saturday night Talk Show in Norway, "Lindmo," where she played live and was interviewed. See it here Lindmo, NRK

Early morning shred, on "Good Morning Norway." See it here The Chief on Good Morning Norway.

From Metal to Classical Crossover was a huge success. The biggest guitar magazine in the world: "Guitar World" featured The CIC numerous times. Her 4 music videos from the classical crossover album all debuted on their website and again, she had press worldwide, including "The Guardian."  The album charted at #1 on

The first major press was Europe's leading Metal magazine, "Metal Hammer UK," followed by "Total Guitar" and then the biggest in the world, the American "Revolver Magazine." At some point The CIC was featured on all continents, in more than 120 online magazines at the same time.

See the 2015 episode here: NRK Stjernekamp, 2015, Heavy Metal, starts at 48:50.

See the 2017 episode here: Stjernekamp 2017, Hard Rock.

NRK, Norway had a program celebrating the 100 years anniversary of women's right to vote. They portrayed women in music. The CIC represented the young, current role models for women in music. See the program here Hurra for Jentemusikken.