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A limited number of some of The CIC´s previous recordings are available as signed CDs  now! Signed photos and buttons from the 2010 "Battle for the Mind" Demo EP are also available. 

Her first Demo EP, "State of the Union 2009" includes the first recorded versions of her songs Dropout, I am The Commander-In-Chief and Thou + the song "Starving Artist" where she shows off her inhuman vocal range. The CIC received her first radio plays with these songs and one UK Radio DJ said "this is the music this decade has been waiting for" (Mike Mitchell). Signed CD £ 5,99 

Her 6 song 2010  Demo EP "Battle for the Mind"  received fantastic reviews from radio owners/DJs and music sites all over the world, praising her innovative and catchy songwriting, guitar skills and unique voice. The songs "Battle for the Mind",  "Great Expectations", "Paranoid" and "Dropout"  were played on independent Rock and Metal radios all over the world, signed CD £ 5,99 

SPECIAL OFFER, LIMITED NUMBER! Get both her Demo EPs, signed, for £ 10! 

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The CIC´s first children´s book was written and illustrated by her. It was inspired by her two youngest siblings, who are also featured in the story.

Get your signed copy of The Freezing Snowman  here. You can also order it from  Amazon Europe,  Amazon USA and from Barnes and Noble.

Our album "2 Guitars - The Classical Crossover Album" charted at #1 on, Classical music, earlier this year and on #11 on Pop/Easy listening!